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Sexy Nutrition

Disclaimer: The nutrition in the following blog post is very hot. Some may even consider it "food porn". Proceed with caution... or just dive in; whatever your preference.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let's talk about sexy nutrition. Valentine's Day is just two days away and I'm here to give you some inspiration and confidence to use food to your advantage. Even if you're not currently with someone, trust me that eating healthfully is a great way to show yourself love!

The Nutrition Sex Talk Your Health Teacher Never Gave You

First, let's have some real talk: heart health equals sexual health, which is quite fitting even in the figurative sense. If you eat to keep your heart happy (low sodium, low saturated fat, the right amount of calories for you, plenty of fiber, fish twice a week, and limit sugar), stay active, drink lots of water, limit alcohol, abstain from smoking, manage stress well... you'll have a MUCH easier time in the bedroom. An easier time does mean a better time! Our hearts don't like too much sodium, and more than likely you're consuming too much (for more information, refer to my blog post "Salt of the Earth"). Saturated fats are those that are solid at room temperature (think butter and lard) and lead to high cholesterol. Be sure to check nutrition labels because it is often snuck in to improve flavor and mouthfeel of foods (mouthfeel... hmmm... sounds kind of sexy!). Triglycerides are a dangerous mix of sugar and saturated fat that can lead to clogged arteries and other heart risks. Even though you might only think of fiber aiding with digestion, soluble fiber is such an amazing diet addition as it can help reduce your body's absorption of "bad" cholesterol (LDL). Fish is an important food group to not shy away from due to its omega-3 fatty acids (our bodies need a healthy ratio of omega-6 fatty acids to omega-3 fatty acids... Trust me, you are more than likely getting PLENTY of the omega-6, so you need to balance that out with omega-3).

The healthier and more fit you are, the more vitality and endurance you'll have to physically express the love in your heart. If you enjoy "working out" in the bedroom and maybe even want to increase the length (or number) of sessions, the very best way is to take care of your ticker through a heart healthy diet and plenty of cardiovascular exercise. Everyone needs a different motivation, and maybe this is yours!

Aphrodisiacs... What are they and do they work?

There have been many claims made through the ages about what foods, drinks, and supplements may increase a person's virility, vitality, and libido. Many of these claims came from salespeople, if you can imagine! The placebo effect is not a stretch to achieve when you're boosted with confidence and glowing testimonials. An aphrodisiac is any substance that may put you more in the mood or gives you the ability to be more passionate once you're both in the mood. Raw oysters, chocolate, spicy foods, wine, strawberries, figs, asparagus, artichokes, and almonds are just some foods that have claims behind them.

But, asking for a friend... Do any of them actually work?

As discussed previously, any food that helps the heart pump more efficiently could potentially aid in sexual health. Oddly enough, maybe, in my research on the topic, I discovered that ginseng is one of the most studied and found to have some positive evidence behind it. It's definitely worth a Google!

Raw oysters have been touted as the ultimate aphrodisiac by many cultures due to their texture. You can simply use your imagination for that one.

Chocolate is interesting because it actually releases the same chemicals in our brains that falling in love does! I'm not a neuroscientist by any means and one could absolutely speak more intelligently on the matter, but it is fascinating that chocolate releases all the "feel goods", so it is absolutely not a bad gift for someone you're interested in! Try to stick to the darker side, which contains less sugar. There are are also many studies which show that dark chocolate may lower heart disease risk as well.

There are many studies on pomegranates. Not only do the arils (that's the part you eat) look like little jewels, but they may also aid in prostate health. Read more about them in this article, written in 2007:

Wine, or any alcohol for that matter, is an easy one and universally known to lower inhibitions and often make your significant other look even more attractive! I joke, but be careful with this one, though, for a few reasons. One, everyone should be able to mindfully consent prior to being physical. Two, drinking too much can lead to erectile dysfunction for males, in the short term as well as long term. Finally, you may not behave the way you normally do, in a bad way. Drinking in moderation can "loosen you up", but drinking to excess may put a damper on the whole mood.

Final Sexy Nutrition Thoughts

  • If you've ever been curious to bring food into the bedroom to include it in your sexy time... Please be cautious. It's not because I think it's taboo, but there are some health concerns. For one, it can lead to infection, which can be a minor inconvenience or a major issue. You might giggle... But something could get stuck. I don't think you or your significant other want that Emergency Room visit!

  • Don't fry bacon naked. It never, ever ends well.

  • Eggplants and peaches are not just flirty emojis. They are actually great foods that you should experiment (IN THE KITCHEN) with if you haven't. I posted an eggplant parmesan meal just the other day on my Instagram.

  • Don't be embarrassed if you still can't tie a cherry stem with your tongue. You're probably still a good kisser anyway.

  • Washing the dishes is the sexiest thing you can do for your lover.

I hope you had as much fun reading this post as I did writing it. Check out my next blog post to see what my significant other and I made for Valentine's Day with some additional tips and tricks for the most romantic day of the year. I think you'll be surprised that you don't have to spend a lot of money or prep time to share a very special celebration of love. Stay healthy. Stay sexy.

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