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Means, Motive, and Opportunity

Food is pretty much always on my brain, but I do have other interests. I am not only a lover of food, but also of mysteries. Growing up, I was a fan of Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Even now, if I am not watching a cooking show in the evening, I am probably watching some sort of Whodunnit. When detectives are trying to solve a mystery, they look for three things:




When trying to plan for success when it comes to having a healthier lifestyle, we can also think in this way. After all, it’s a lot easier to solve the mystery if you already know the plot!

Means: Do I have the groceries in the house that will support my new outlook on food and how I want to take care of my body? Have I identified my strengths and weaknesses and made a plan that includes them to be successful? Have I made specific and realistic goals that can be accomplished in a timely manner?

Motive: Why do I want to eat better? Do I want to fit back into the clothes in my closet? Do I want to lower my blood pressure or cholesterol? Maybe I want to model a well-balanced diet for my children, or just have a better relationship with food.

Opportunity: Am I ready to make a lifestyle change? Am I willing to put in the effort it will require to cause and keep my new lifestyle?

Once you can develop your Means, Motive, and Opportunity in a planning stage, you are ready to solve your food mysteries (like “How did I gain 10 pounds this winter?!) and you won’t get so stumped!

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