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Healthy isn’t just all Keto, quinoa, and kale.

Healthy isn’t just all Keto, quinoa, and kale. Sexy isn’t all size 0 or rock-hard abs. And happiness… well, it isn’t just contentment.

Just like religion, societal norms, sports, music, and clothing, food is one of the most significant aspects of someone and everyone’s culture/s. Nutrition is a science… full of formulas, equations, and metric units to determine the ideal nutritional outcomes (good health for longevity). Nutrition as a science does not care about your weight except to the extent that after studying weight to height ratios, it was determined that higher weights were risk factors for many ailments, which led to less longevity. Nutrition as a science does not care if you get essential vitamins and minerals from all plant-based products or if you choose to be any combination of omnivore. Nutrition is just the facts of how to lower your diet-related risk factor for a longer, healthier life. “Food Philosophy” is what I personally call all of our own particular biases, preferences, and desired outcomes when relating to food. Some food philosophies are contrary to nutritional facts or theories, based on what our parents (or a celebrity) taught us, but always felt very passionately.

I want to share with you my “Food Philosophy”, after I’ve shed the cognitive dissonance that has kept me from living the healthier, and yet tastier, life that I know I want for me and my family. I will explain my food philosophy through the food that I prepare daily and why this isn’t just a weight loss cookbook… It is a way to think about, respect, love, and honor your body with the fuel that you provide it.

Here’s to a longer, healthier, happier, and tastier life.

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