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Breakups are Hard

We all have that friend (or maybe you are that friend?) who dates the most toxic people. You know the kind... you try to kindly let them know that their new fling isn't doing any good for them at all. Your friend is being dragged down with momentary benefits for them. The writing is clearly outlined on the wall, but they still text them it seems like 5 minutes after saying goodbye...

We do the same to ourselves when we slip back into our unhealthy eating habits. Let me be the friend who tries to wake you up to reality. Cruising into a fast food drive-thru on your way to or from work daily is no different than maintaining a toxic relationship. I'm not talking about an occasional treat. As I've stated before, there are truly no "bad" foods, just foods we shouldn't eat often or consistently. Maybe you feel like you just can't give up that caramel frosted cookie iced coffee on your daily commute, or smothering every vegetable in ranch dressing. I promise you that you can either have a healthier substitution for the foods you love that you know are no good for you or learn to enjoy them less often.

Possibly the most troubling toxic relationship is one that is kept a secret. Please don't lie to yourself about your eating habits. Going back to the freezer to eat directly out of the ice cream tub late at night is not helping you out at all just because it was unwitnessed. Dark chocolate and wine calories do count even if you once heard that they have antioxidants. Don't lie to yourself about your eating habits or feel like you have to sneak around with treat foods.

It is especially troubling to me when people bring their children into a toxic relationship. Think of this as well when you're choosing what food to feed your family. You are setting an example of what is an acceptable lifestyle. It is not necessary for you to be a registered dietitian to display what good nutrition looks like to your children. No relationship is perfect, but have one that you are proud of and want your children to have. Just as it is difficult to know what a good relationship is if you didn't learn from your parents, such as it is to learn how to have a good relationship with food, so please take this seriously if you are a parent.

They say that you can't love someone until you love yourself first. I think this is true when it comes to having a good relationship with food as well. You are worth the time, effort, and quality to break up with your unhealthy eating habits and say hello to lifestyle that loves you back for the wonderful person you are.

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